Psychosensing Lab

Biosensors are our passion

What we can do for you

These are the things we’ve worked out so far. Maybe you’d like us to work on something similar?

UX Studies Support

Explore what users SEE and FEEL when they use your website or app.

Mobile UX Studies Support

Collect valuable data while offering participants a comfortable and natural use of the smartphone.


Eyetracking? Electrodermal activity? Emotions expressed on the face? We can help you incorporate these signals into your solutions.

Client Behaviour Analysis

Count and profile visitors to better characterize your customers.

Social Networks Analysis

Data scraping and statistical analyses for popular social networks.

Masks Detection

Video and image analysis focused primarily on mask detection.

Do you have an idea?

Do you think we could take care of something for you? Tell us about it! We’d love to talk to you about your case and figure out a solution together!


Who we are

We are the part of Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC,


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