Sports, health, and lifestyle support by PSLab

Development of eServices to improve physical fitness, health awareness and stress resilience among students

DeepAI-Football – Player detection and team statistics for football

Voronoi graphs
Player detection
Team recognition

Physical Activity Monitoring

Detecting 5 types of activity and calculating METs (metabolic equivalent of task)

Electromyography analysis

Muscle activity monitoring

PosEmo Movie

Video processing AI engine for professionals

  • Current use-cases: usability studies, psychotherapy
  • Automatic video processing workflow

PosEmo Workflow

Image processing with deepAI

Person detection and attention tracking

Person detection with heat map on CAVIAR material.
Person detection with prediction of age, gender, and focus of attention on MOTS20 material.

Video analysis technologies

Person and pose detection

Google’s MediaPipe technology – pose detection
NVIDIA TensorRT pose detection algorithm
YOLO v7 technology – pose estimation

Motion capture

Pose and bodily activity analysis


Tool for coaches and young people training sports

Anti-gravity treadmill